Factory Five Will Turn Your Subaru Into A Mid-Engined Roadster

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As much horsepower as you can get out of a Subaru boxer in a mid-engined car that weighs just 1,800 pounds. Factory Five is doing this so right.

The company mostly known for its awesome Shelby Cobra replicas and that Corvette-powered Ford GT40 lookalike went on designing something that’s a bit closer to a Renault Sport Spider. That’s a good thing.

The number 818 refers to its weight in kilograms, and with up to 265 horsepower on tap in bone stock form, that lightweight approach translates to a sprint to sixty mph in the high threes.


Designed entirely on a computer and build around a tubular spaceframe using Subaru Impreza (2002-2007) running gear, the 818 is a composite roadster that sets you back by only ten grand for a kit, or fifteen for a complete car.

Lighter than a Miata? Lighter than a Miata. More powerful than a Miata? Yep, plus it sounds better. Here’s a new Electric Federal video to tell you more.

Photo credit: Factory Five


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