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Just as the safety car was being deployed to clear up some debris on the track, Formula One’s points leader Sebastian Vettel drove right into the back of his closest rival Lewis Hamilton, claiming that Hamilton brake checked him. Check it out for yourself.

At first glance it looks like Lewis Hamilton literally threw a brake check on Sebastian Vettel before entering turn 16. Race officials just handed Vettel a 10-second penalty for his driving, though the video evidence doesn’t look like it’s in Hamilton’s favor as he slowed considerably. In the race Ferrari was slowly gaining back pace up until that point, just 1.2 seconds off the leader.


This is just one more piece of chaos in this race in Baku. All in all, five cars are out of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. It’s madness out there. Vettel is pissed.

What do you think? Did Hamilton brake check Vettel on purpose?

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