F1 Will Stream This Weekend's Mexican Grand Prix Coverage For Free On Twitch, But Not In The U.S.

Lewis Hamilton leading Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo at the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix.
Lewis Hamilton leading Kimi Raikkonen and Daniel Ricciardo at the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix.
Photo: Mark Thompson (Getty Images)

Formula One has been progressively getting with the times lately, including its own streaming service, and the apparent next step in that process is to put race coverage up on Twitch. F1 will do that for this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix, streaming all of the coverage for free in six different countries.


But don’t get too excited until you see whether you qualify, as those countries are Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

No luck? Better luck next time.

F1 announced the Twitch deal Wednesday, saying it’ll stream “every session” live on the Twitch app and website in those countries this weekend. The deal is only for the Mexico race, for now, and the announcement said each session will be co-streamed by “a select group of prominent, in-market personalities,” which, in English, seems to mean gaming influencers.

The deal also means that coverage will include intertwined “interactivity and gaming elements,” like a prediction game described in the announcement:

F1 will also include a data extension alongside the broadcast that allows users to predict the performance of drivers during 10-minute segments of the Grand Prix. The predictions will then be ranked and displayed according to their accuracy, providing an interactive gaming element to the broadcast.

The announcement didn’t say whether the predictions would include prizes, which is really the only reason to participate in anything in life.

In addition to that, the announcement boasted the fact that Twitch users who tune into the Mexican Grand Prix could, emphasis ours:

[...] potentially witness the thrilling climax of the 2019 FIA Formula 1 drivers’ championship battle, as championship leader Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport team mate Valtteri Bottas battle it out for the top honours.


Yes, that’s right! You, Twitch users in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, could potentially witness the thrilling! climax! of a driver winning the championship title a full three! races! early! You just never know what could happen—don’t miss this!

So, yeah, if you’re in one of those lucky countries, enjoy your free F1 coverage this weekend. You might even get to watch a title be won more than a month before the season finale, like all of the rest of us.


Margin Of Error

I think ESPN have the broadcasting rights in the US, so it’s probably their decision.

In Canada, it’s Bell Media that is holdings the TV rights, and we cannot even get F1 TV because of them.

It’s the only reason I still have cable tv at home.