The self-propelled goiter in glasses and a cheap Andy Warhol wig that was given the power of speech by a magical Amalfi-area sea hag that we know as "Bernie Ecclestone" has a pair of daughters, and one of those may buy the old Walt Disney Estate in Holmby Hills. That's the neighborhood the Playboy Mansion is in.


The property in question is known as "Carolwood," and the 3.7 acre property is probably best known for the sub-scale steam railroad that Walt had built. There's some remains of it still on the property, but most of the good stuff was moved to Griffith Park years ago.

It is not known if Tamara Ecclestone is a huge sub scale steam railroad enthusiast. She is known for an almost superhuman ability to spend money, along with her sister, and buying this likely $95 million historic home would sure be a great way to keep that up.


While the ex-Disney home isn't quite as large as her sister Petra's nearby 56,000 square foot home, it's likely that Tamara will be able to slum it and get by in the mere 35,000 square feet available. She's just going to have to make do, like the rest of us.

So, consider this fair warning to any neighbors: it may be possible that Bernie Ecclestone will show up near your homes. Take prudent precautions.