F1 Is Finally Posting Its Most Incredible Moments On YouTube And That Rules

GIF via Formula One

We’re fans of Formula One’s long-awaited introduction to the modern internet as the rest of us know it. F1 is now using its vast back catalogue of clips and race footage for good by putting many more recent bits up on YouTube, with a big push of famous moments from a certain grand prix during its race weekend.

They’ve already posted a number of things from China, including this bizarre failure from Sébastien Buemi’s Toro Rosso in 2010. It’s one of the most terrifying onboards of all time, as both wheels just snap right off under braking, sending Buemi for a wild ride through the gravel.

From Austria, they’ve posted that incredible 2015 pile-up where Fernando Alonso’s McLaren nearly slides right into Kimi Räikkönen’s cockpit.

It’s not all code browns and big crashes, though. Remember that time Fernando Alonso and Nico Hülkenberg raced each other down the pit lane at Spa-Francorchamps last year? (And can you believe that?!)

During winter preseason testing, they put out a handy explainer of how the big scaffolding-like aero rakes work on test runs. They’re not just there to look crazy—they’re chock-full of sensors.

And of course, the best radio compilations of the year are fantastic, too. F1 has actually been putting these on YouTube for a while, but they’re still gold. Lest anyone forgot, Sebastian Vettel gets pretty feisty in the car. Honestly! (And who knew the Rosbergs call each other Mucki and Nuppy?)


Have they posted your favorite moment yet? Personally, I can’t wait to see them tackle the Malaysian Grand Prix backlog later this season. The internet needs a higher-quality version of Räikkönen’s infamous ice cream break.

Welcome to the internet, Formula One. Do stick around.

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Now if they’ll just allow them to play on sites other than youtube, they’ll be golden.