As a Northern Californian I am obliged to hate on Los Angeles, a squid-armed traffic garbage pile, but I can’t deny that in its sprawling spaghetti of jammed highways, there are all sorts of car cultures. Aussie F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo got to do them all in one day. At least, he tried.

Donut Media got the human smile behind the wheel of a lowrider Monte Carlo, an overly clean Deuce Coupe hot rod, and a new Aston Martin Vanquish sideways up a canyon road.

And even in that, I know he missed all sorts of other weird little pocket car cultures even I’m not wildly familiar with. The rockabilly scene, the import tuner scene, the drift scene, the faraway echoes of the Southwest’s trophy truck scene.

This is why I love and hate LA — it’s impossible to see it all casually. You need time and connects. But there’s no denying that what’s there is some of the best car culture in the world.