F1 Champ Jackie Stewart Behind Wheel Of $449K Supercar Crash?

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According to one UK newspaper, the man behind the wheel of yesterday's Pagani Zonda S crash that, at $449,000 in damage, triggered one of the UK's biggest auto insurance claims, was none other than triple-F1 champ Sir Jackie Stewart.


Triple Formula 1 world champion Sir Jackie Stewart, nicknamed "The Flying Scot," was reportedly behind the wheel of the 220 MPH Zonda when it hit mud on a country road, spun out of control, struck a "telegraph pole" and went through a fence.

Zonda S owner Gareth Jones who paid £365,000 ($546,000) for the 7.2-liter, V12-engined supercar and was sitting in the passenger seat when the accident happened, would only say last night the driver was a "professional" who was a "household name." The Press and Journal however, isn't remaining mum, reporting it was none other than Stewart.


We're told that Stewart, while physically fine, is not expected to overcome bruising injuries sustained to his ego anytime soon, because, if the Press and Journal is correct, Stewart's not willing to fess up. The BBC's quoting a Stewart spokeswoman as saying it was not true: "Sir Jackie wasn't in the country. He's never driven the car and doesn't know the owner."

The car, which obviously has no comment, has been sent for repair to Modena in Italy, where the vehicles are made.


All we know is if this is true, it makes us feel better about our own driving skills. Or lack thereof. More to come shortly.