Extreme E Is Set To Run Its First Rookie Invitational Test

The test will give a new era of racers a shot at the electric series.

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Photo: Jordi Rierola (Getty Images)

Earlier this week, Extreme E — the all-electric SUV off-roading series — announced that it’s going to be hosting its first-ever rookie invitational test as a way to get more drivers interested in competing in the sport. That test will take place on Monday, October 25 following the event in Sardinia, Italy.

All nine Extreme E teams are allowed to invite two drivers. Fitting the scope of the series, one of those drivers will be male and the other female in order to encourage gender diversity within racing.

For that test, the drivers will basically just be getting exposure to Extreme E — how it functions, how the cars drive, how to get familiarized with the layout — before being asked to set timed laps on the Sardinia X Prix circuit. Basically, the goal is to find talent interested in motorsport and then screen them on a competitive but abbreviated version of the big stage.


There will also be a chance for those rookies to undertake workshops that are designed to help them optimize their careers in motorsport. One of those workshops is set to be hosted by ABT CUPRA XE’s Jutta Kleinschmidt, who won the 2001 Dakar Rally.

“Through the series, and now the Rookie Invitational, we have the chance to discover even more female talents,” said Kleinschmidt. “It is a huge chance for all drivers dreaming of competing in Extreme E that want to prove their skills and talent. I’m very excited and looking forward to seeing a lot of applications. It is an honor to be part of the test program and have the chance to share my knowledge from my years of experience.”


For those who haven’t heard, Extreme E is dedicated to helping combat climate change by racing in locations that have been facing some of the more extreme impacts of a warmer global temperature — deserts, glaciers, and the like. In and around the racing going on, Extreme E undertakes local projects like cleaning up beaches as well as helping educate the world about sustainable living practices.