Experience The Sportiness With A 1986 Mazda B2000 LX

Photo Credit: YouTube/BetaMAX

We’ve all been there: living in the 1980s and after a truck that’s sporty, cheap, and filled with features. Why not buy a Mazda B2000 LX?

At only $6,995, you can buy a truck with such standard features as some chrome parts and a radio. It even has a five-speed manual transmission. Never mind that the Mazda B2000 had somewhere around 80 horsepower from a 2.0-liter carbureted inline-four.


That won’t matter when you have the “sportiest” truck around.

As the commercial indicates, this truck is perfect for driving way too fast down a country road in no particular direction. You’ll be too busy enjoying the Mazda Experience® to worry that the truck has no airbags and weighs about as much a few soda cans on a set of wheels.

We’ve come a far way when it comes to standard features on trucks. A new truck today would look like a Maybach compared to a compact truck from decades past. I wouldn’t mind a stripped down tiny truck but I think airbags and some safety features would be good.

Have you experienced the thrill of a Mazda B-series?

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