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Expect Beyonce To Grind On A 2014 Corvette During The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Illustration for article titled Expect Beyonce To Grind On A 2014 Corvette During The Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Super Bowl Half Time show is known for nipple slips and, more recently, elderly rockers trying not to offend anyone. In 2013, Beyonce Knowles — of Destiny's Child and married to Jay-Z fame — will be the halftime performer. And while she'll probably have an elaborate stage, she won't be singing to a bevy of male models.


According to one source, she'll be singing to Detroit's newest sports car: The 2014 Corvette.

The plan is to place the Corvette at the 50-yard line during the halftime show according to The Detroit Bureau, where it will then be given to Beyonce "So Crazy In Love" Knowles, free of charge.


This will be GM's way of advertising in the Super Bowl, as earlier this year theydecided to have no ads in the game at all. At $4 million for 30 seconds, it is an expensive endeavor.

But placing a Vette on the field and giving it to a singer that will, honestly, probably never drive it, isn't cheap either. The half time show is a killer time to get some exposure, so we expect that GM will still be paying out the nose vents for it.

I have no idea if Beyonce, who has an affinity for Porsche Design items, will like the Vette or if she'll decide it's some sort of holla back girl.

What's that? She didn't sing that song? Oh. Well, we've been listening mostly to Solange lately.

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Travis Okulski

For the record: I had the word 'Bootylicious' in this post but Matt made me take it out.