Exclusive: This Is The New 'They Might Be Giants' Music Video

I've loved They Might Be Giants for over a decade. And I'm not some bandwagon Tiny Toons fan — no, "Particle Man" and "Istanbul" were seared into my brain well before that. So now I'm pleased to bring you this — the new music video set to their latest awesome track "When Will You Die?" — exclusively here on Jalopnik. It's not only car-related — it's epic.


The music video tracks the unbelievably short life of an 18' paper and wood replica of the day-glo pink monster hearse that graces the cover of They Might Be Giants' new album Join Us.

How they built the beast is even more cool than how it meets its end. World-renown graphic artist Paul Sahre — the guy who created the original cover — designed a 3D scale model of the hearse as a PDF, set his laser printer to 3400% and then set himself and his design staff to work to create the most monster of model monster trucks.


The result is a video that must be seen to the end.

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Want to build one yourself? Yeah, so do we. Luckily, TMBG and Sahre have provided a pdf of the monster hearse model for you to download for your desktop — or for building purposes — right here.

The tour, in support of both Join Us and the companion rarities album Album Raises New and Troubling Questions, begins later this month with a PR blitz, then on to a special 30th Anniversary show at Royce Hall in Los Angeles, and on across the United States. The final show is in March in the band's hometown of New York City.


The full tour listing can be found here.

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filth Farker


I saw TMBG at Liberty Lunch in Austin in 19-tickety-90. They had this huge saxamaphone-type thing that they had to climb up a ladder to play. Back in those days all the non-conformist patrons of rock shows expressed their individuality in lockstep by wearing Doc Martens and Misfits t-shirts and slam dancing. TMBG stopped down the whole show mid-song and issued the following proclamation, "Square dancing, yes; slam dancing, no."

Phenomenal show.