EXCLUSIVE: The Transformers Mystery Car Is The Corvette Centennial Design Concept!

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There's been much speculation of late on the gleaming silver "Corvette-like" concept car spotted on the set of the new Transformers movie. Some outlets have incorrectly asserted the concept is a potential design for a next-generation C7 Corvette. They're wrong. Oh, it's a Corvette, but our well-placed sources tell us the concept, which we've revealed in an exclusive shot of the clay concept above, is GM's Corvette Centennial Design Concept. We expect to see it revealed early next year, months before it debuts on the silver screen in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen.

GM's Corvette Centennial Design Concept coincides, as you'd expect, with GM's 100-year birthday party. The concept's meant to be a means of merging design elements of the past with the next century of GM design. As such, the concept car is expected to hearken back to a number of key design elements from GM power cars but not, as some have speculated, be a first-look at the design of a new C7 Corvette.


Although the concept will have long, sweeping Corvette-like lines, all it takes is one look at the front end's Camaro-like wide open mouth to see it draws inspiration from something more than just a Corvette Stingray. Coming around to the back, and the very non-Corvette-like rear end lacks any of the obvious cues you'd expect from a next-generation Corvette. The concept has a very distinct four-pipe exhaust in the center of the back end, and a sharp concave taillight housing — both are nothing like any Corvette ever seen.

Except for those rear haunches. They will be, as we've already seen in our exclusive spy photos, almost cartoon-like in their size. They're Corvette-like, but only inasmuch as they're caricatures of it. But, they'll be necessary to house the ginormous rear tires the Corvette Centennial Design Concept's sporting.


No, anyone thinking this design's a showcase of what the next-generation Corvette will look like needs to get their glasses checked. It's so much more than that.

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