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Exclusive First Picture Of Chevy Traverse SUV

Illustration for article titled Exclusive First Picture Of Chevy Traverse SUV

As if you couldn't imagine what a Buick Enclave (or an Acadia/Outlook) with a Chevy badge looked like, we've managed to get our hands on the first photo of the new Lambda-based SUV . The picture accidentally leaked onto the GM Accessories site and now we've got a great idea of what the actual Traverse will look like. You can see it's got a rear accessory area in the back that comes, as far as we can tell, sans mat. There's a strong line across the... uh... trunk. Things are made of plastic. Black is also a color option for the interior. That's all we got . (thanks DT)[GM Accessories Zone]


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Ash78, voting early and often

Someone in marketing is giving a lifelong shout-out to his home town in Michgan, yo. Much love. Keep it real.

But will it be pronounced like the verb or the town?