Exclusive: First Photo Of Detroit's New Muscle Car Threesome!

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Here it is fan-boys, this is a photo we've waited patiently to see for what seems like an eternity. This photo of the threesome of new muscle cars from Detroit is the first time the 2010 Chevy Camaro RS, a 2009 Ford Mustang CS and a 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 have all been captured in the same photo. Yes, we traveled a great distance, risked a great deal and received quite a mouthful from one snarling PR person in order to bring you this first shot of the trio. Although well worth it, at least one staffer on site wasn't as happy to have a picture of Chevy's new muscle car taken as we'd hoped he would be. Whatever. Credit Ford and Dodge for being pleased as punch to welcome back the Camaro to the muscle car war block in the best way they know how — by letting us rev the engines of their latest entries hard outside San Diego's Hard Rock Hotel. They would have preferred to do a burnout, but there were too many law enforcement officers around. Check back later on tonight for the full story, complete with video as we show just how hot these muscle car wars are getting! Many thanks to the Craig from Streetfire, Garage419 and Ned Hepburn!

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Shame on you Jalopnik! By providing images of all three cars at the same time, in a few years we'll see a hybrid of all three roaming on Chinese roads. "The Hongqui Etneral Hapynes Tigr will tyre walk all of pavments. The car, based off modern engine of studies (pirated Citroen ZX platform)will leap masive amount frontward with combusion of massive powerplant (ancient Mitsu four cylinder). Luxuries inside and out, such as real like wood hand steering and arm supporters." Mark my words, we'll see a mixture of all three roaming China soon.