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As if having to drive around town in a very worn Neon or Vauxhall with the words "STUDENT DRIVER" pasted on the windshield isn't bad enough, a student driver in Reading, England was left on the side of the road halfway through her driving test. It all started when the handbrake on the car failed while on a hill, causing the the examiner to get out of the car and go for help.


Not knowing what to do, the student kept her foot pressed against the brake until her foot went numb. Said the driver "I didn't know what to do and for all I knew the car was about to blow up." I guess neither of them thought to just drive the car off to a location that wasn't on a hill. Eventually the examiner said he couldn't find help and just "wandered off." The young woman's instructor showed up some time later and rescued her from her own lack of experience.

The best line goes to the instructor who said it was an important experience because "This could have happened when [the young woman] was driving around on her own... without me to come get her." It's not a bad cover until you realize this ass hole is the one responsible for teaching her about cars and she sat on the side of the road with her foot desperately pinned against the brake for 20 minutes. [UPi]

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