Evil LA Mall Owner Sues To Kill Coffee Shop Car Show

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The owners of El Camino Shopping Center in LA-area Woodland Hills filed a lawsuit banning vintage car owners who gathered there around the Coffee Depot for Sunday-morning shows. Apparently they hate cars, hate car lovers and don't deserve your business.


The unofficial car shows were championed by the Coffee Depot as a way to drive business and create this outdated concept called "community." The shows lasted until about 10:30 AM on Sunday — traditionally the most heavily trafficked time of the week at all malls across the country — and the vintage, rare and performance cars on display were a parking nuisance to the scores of waiting customers who'd never be interested in taking in such spectacles. So, being the prudent prudes they are, Delaware-based Regency Centers, owners of El Camino Shopping Center brought a lawsuit against the car owners and sought a restraining order to prevent the gatherings.

On a recent Sunday, anyone driving a car suspected of being involved with the show was greeted by security personnel who informed them they must leave the premises under threat of prosecution. The drivers reluctantly relocated their coffee-buying dollars and eye-catching vehicles down the road to Western Bagel, which does not hate cars, car owners and does deserve your patronage. [DailyNews]

Photo credit David Crane/Daily News LA depicting the new location and renamed "Cars, Coffee & Bagels"



Sadly, I am just not surprised by this. There used to be a bunch of different little shows along the shore in Redondo Beach, Huntington Beach, and Manhattan Beach, but they mostly died out for the same reason.

In an appropriate display of karma and cosmic justice, most of the places that banned the gatherings have since also died out. I will be going out to the Woodland Hills area this weekend, and I will get up early and buy breakfast from Western Bagel to support the car guys.