EVette: The Feckless Tesla

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While the Tesla electric car's really been the only plug-in sled we've so far been able to love, it hasn't stopped a growing group of garage-bound develeopers from trying to create their own "Electric Car Of The Future" — like Tom Sines of Florida and his "EVette." Let's let him do the talking, and try to see if he can get us onto the bandwagon for this one-of-a-kind electric slide. First the good:

...this one-of-a-kind EV has extreme maneuverability and with just a flick of my wrist, I can turn on a dime and even spin in circles. Best of all, with gas prices surging to new high's, I never have to stop at the pump...you can drive 200 mi. on a $2. charge.


Ooh, and with the swing-out doors, it's totally got that Lambo look that gets us excited — but wait, there's also the bad:

"This car is Amazing to drive, really quick around corners and has been driven up to 60 mph..."

Dammit. Maybe check back with us when we've got it able to at least keep up with traffic on a Florida to Michigan run up I-75.

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