Everything You Need To Know About The $1.3 Million McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 will have its official debut next week at the Geneva Motor Show, but since we know almost everything about it already, there is no point in hiding anymore. McLaren came to the same conclusion, so here it is, in all its yellow, Ferrari-beating beauty. I love that roof. We also have some news about the performance...

The winning numbers are:

  • 0-62 mph under 3 seconds.
  • 0-124 mph under 7 seconds.
  • Top speed is limited to 217 mph.
  • List price is £866,000 on the road, so expect north of $1.3 million in the US.
  • Only 375 will be made.

The only thing that was changed for the production version is the addition of LTR ducts ahead of each of the front wheels to further aid cooling and optimise downforce. Specially developed P Zero Corsas and Akebono carbon brakes will help to keep all 903 horsepower on the road, and no, the McLaren P1 probably won't baby...


Photo credit: McLaren

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