Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Secret Service Motorcade

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National Geographic's Inside the Secret Service takes a rare peek inside the vehicles of the enigmatic government agency, highlighting everything from blazing fast J-Turns to the painstakingly thorough screening process for cars assigned to protect UN diplomats.

While it's no surprise that Secret Service agents must master the J-Turn, it's difficult to imagine performing the reversal maneuver behind the wheel of an armored limousine. The crown jewel of the Secret Service fleet - used to transport the most important protectees including the President of the United States - is nicknamed "The Beast," and although its specifics are top secret, it's rumored to have armor "as thick as a phone book."

Aside from the President's armored Cadillac, the Secret Service possesses a thousand-strong fleet of cars for high volume events like the UN General Assembly. Stored in a warehouse in Brooklyn, the UN vehicles each have their own "protection package," consisting of emergency medical equipment and some pretty serious firearms. Before the assembly begins, they're each subjected to several searches, as the agents scan for bombs, chemical weapons, and other potential dangers.

Considering the skill level of the drivers, the layers of armor, and the precautions taken to make sure each vehicle is secure, it comes without question that the Secret Service fleet offers the safest ride in the world.

Inside the Secret Service is a two-night event that premieres Sunday February 20th at 8 PM on NatGeo.