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'Everything Wrong With The Fate Of The Furious' Just Misses The Whole Point

Illustration for article titled Everything Wrong With The Fate Of The Furious Just Misses The Whole Point

You guys are familiar with the “Everything Wrong With” film critiques that CinemaSins puts out, correct? They are typically on point and bring up thoughtful criticism about the films they review. But here’s the thing about the review on The Fate of the Furious: they completely missed the point of the movie.


I’ll tell you right off the bat: The Fate of the Furious broke CinemaSins’ Movie Sin Counter. It made it to 161 sins (up to the point where the crew was trying to outrun the bad guys across frozen Arctic waters) and then “short-circuited” because there were too many logical fallacies.


If you’re going to watch a Fast and Furious movie and get hung up on what is or isn’t physically possible, then you’re going to have a bad time. I promise. The franchise has never, in all its 16 years of flipping cars through the air, been sold on a vow of logic. Not in 2001, when the stakes were much smaller. And not now, when a Dodge Charger can draw a heat-seeking missile into destroying a submarine.

That’s why it’s so casual when it comes to breaking every law of physics it comes across. This is the franchise’s greatest feature. Physics just gets in the way of what’s fun and looks cool. And because it’s a movie, we can negotiate with physics in a way that we can’t in real life.

When you start a Fast and Furious movie, you check your expectation for realism at the door. You wouldn’t watch an Avengers movie and scoff at how far the Hulk can jump, would you?

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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My wife pointed out to me that the class of submarine they show in the movie is the Russian Akula class. They literally jump the shark (akula in Russian) right there in the trailer.