The 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG. Photos credit Michael Roselli/Jalopnik

There are plenty of one-word adjectives that describe the interior of this $170K luxury vehicle. Comfortable, lavish, supple, sumptuous. Those all work, but only one adequately expresses the feeling from the backseat — powered. Yes, there are so many movable things inside the S63 that I didn’t know if I could film them all.

The optional $3,000 rear seat package.

Not only does nearly everything move, but nearly everything moves with power. While that’s not particularly uncommon for the front seats, it is uncommon for something like the seat belt receivers. And the headrests. And the tweeters. The tweeters!

After I finished shooting photos of the car, I pointed my camera at everything I could before the sun went down. Thankfully it did go down that night, otherwise I’d probably still be out in that field finding new things that move inside the S63.