Last time you saw the Volvo my team hopes to run in the 24 Hours of LeMons race, it was just in the initial stages of being stripped. Now that we've removed most of the unnecessary stuff, we've been selling every possible thing on eBay. Yes, we even sold the door lock knobs! Got $1.50 for 'em! And why are we doing this? Aside from our incredible junkyardy cheapness, that is?

Well, the Official Race Rules state "If you sell pieces off of your car, the money that comes back in can be used to offset the initial purchase price." There's also the part about convincing "extremely skeptical" judges that you really did sell the stuff, but with eBay sales it's pretty easy to show proof. As of now, we're in the black on the car itself; paid $100 for it and we've made $135.45. Now we need to make enough money to cover the purchase of a loose-but-still-game Ford 302. Here's what we've moved so far:

Hubcaps and Beauty Rings: $37.22


Factory AM/FM Radio $21.51

Power Door Lock Actuators: $31.00


Headlight Bucket Assemblies: $20.48

Driver's Side Mirror: $5.00


Factory Door Speakers: $16.49

Owner's Manual: $2.25

We've got plenty more parts to go, too! Fuel pump... side glass... carpets...radiator... it's all gotta go!


And we've found a buyer for the Volvo B23 engine and automatic transmission! The good news is that it's going to another 24 Hours of LeMons team; the bad news is we're going to feel like crap if that team beats our V8 car with our car's old engine.