Everything Changes, and So Does Your Taste in Cars

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Change happens fast. You blink your eyes and the next thing you know, ten years have passed and you’ve swapped your sports car dreams for a daily driver that will most efficiently get you from home to work and back again.


For some of us, the changes aren’t that drastic. For others, though—lord. It’s almost like two entirely different people. Last week I asked you kind folks how you specifically have changed, and I got some pretty amusing answers. I’ve slapped together a list of some of the best, just so we can all rest easy when we find ourselves eyeing something that seems, uh, real out of our comfort zone.

Change is for Squares (Rides Bicycles but Loves Cars)

Well..... not all of us have changed too much.

Sidewall Savior (ATLABAMA)

I’m a big fan of this take.

Fun House (TeamPunkassRacing)

You can get the most out of a vehicle when you actually know what kind of car you should drive.


German or Nothing (msnovtue)

This is a wild story. Changes left and right!


Real Reliable (John Static)

This seems like a pretty natural course of action.


Welcoming Life (DonVanSin)

What an incredible way to get out of a funk.


From America to Japan to Germany (Gloff)

You’ve got the whole spectrum here man!


Let’s Get Eclectic (Anscoflex-II)

What’s the fun in life if you don’t get a little wild?


Gimme the Stupidest Car Ya Got (CleverUsername)

My boyfriend strongly agrees with this take.


Learning to Love (NeonBlaqk)

You’ve made a very great first choice, sir.


Scaling Down (Sissyfoot)

I may be biased but I am glad you’ve rolled back.


No More Muscle (Dr. Wheuss)

This seems like it’s been a pretty common theme.


Seeeee-dan (Evan Hayden)

Very interesting changes, sir.


Full 180! (Mattwrotethis)

This is why having an open mind pays off!

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Age to Sidewall Formula by ATLABAMA is flippin genius. 100% tru fax

Unfortunately for my rides, the older I get, the less I care about cleaning products.

I remember have my “box of many detailing items”. Every 4-5 days i’d give the cars a good 1-2. Shiny and ultra clean. Now, it’s $4 gas station drive thru carwashes maybe once a month. Sorry SVEND

As far as taste in cars, I am nearing peak Torchinsky. Oddities are my current fav. with beige legends moving down to 2nd place just ahead of JDM forbidden fruit