Everyone Survives A Fiery Crash in Florida

West Palm Beach police were on hand to watch a single-car crash into a light pole

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The number of fiery car crashes to go viral on social media are countless. The number of serious injuries and deaths are just as numerous. Rarely does a car hit a solid pole, burst into flames and everyone involved survives. Thankfully, a hard crash had a somewhat happy ending in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The West Palm Beach Police Department posted video of a violent single-car incident on their Facebook page. Based on the video timestamp, the incident took place early last Wednesday morning at 1:51 a.m. The footage shows four police vehicles parked on the outside of a wide curve on a four-lane street.

Then, a car quickly approaches the corner at far too high a speed. The car out of control crosses over into the opposite side of the street, speeds past the parked police vehicles and hits a light post in the foreground. The force of the impact is enough to spin the car around the base of the pole.


The front end of the car is destroyed completely and bursts into flames as the street light on the pole comes crashing down onto the disabled vehicle. The officers at the scene quickly come to the aid of the drivers. They carry the driver clear of the wreck as they extinguish the fire. Surprisingly, the WPBPD began the caption to the video with the sentence, “Thankfully everyone is fine.”

Tameca West, an Assistant Chief of Police at the department, was in disbelief over the incident. “Just shocked, amazed, and thanks to god that everyone was OK, especially my officers because they were right there. In one fell swoop, I could’ve been at a loss of four officers,” he told WPTV.


While I’m glad that everyone is okay, the driver will most likely have to explain to the West Palm Beach Police Department how they ended up in that light pole.