Everybody's Buying Porsche Macans

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You there! Did you buy a Porsche Macan in April? Hey, there’s a solid chance the answer to that is “yes.” Last month, the German maker of sports cars and luxury SUVs had its best sales month ever in America, and it’s all thanks to their new small crossover.


Business Insider noticed that Porsche’s sales hit 5,217 in April, up 28 percent year-over-year, the most cars they’ve ever sold in a month in this country. And it’s all largely thanks to one vehicle, the Macan, their entry-level small crossover.

It’s also the best sales month for the Macan since its release last fall. How popular are Porsche SUVs these days? As BI notes, “So far in 2015, 57% of the 16,647 vehicles Porsche sold have been either a Cayenne or a Macan.”

Makes sense. With a starting price of $52,600 for the 340 horsepower Macan S, the crossover is one of Porsche’s least expensive vehicles, costing about as much as a base Boxster or Cayman. It’s already proven to be a sharp performer, too.

And I’ll give it this — it’s probably the best-looking crossover in its class. Come on, what small luxury SUV looks better than the Macan? Maybe the Audi Q5, but I think the Porsche has it beat. Crossovers aren’t exactly known for their beauty, but the Macan’s design is on point.

As we all know, Porsche purists went apoplectic years ago with the release of the Cayenne, but it’s shown itself to be fast, capable, and selling in such huge numbers that it pays for Porsche to build the insane sports cars enthusiasts love. Here’s hoping the Macan will do the same.

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Stef Schrader

Please drive used Cayenne prices down.

Please, please, please.

Especially the brown ones. With tow packages. And maybe the diesel. (squee)