Every Sport Is More Extreme When There's A Kamaz Truck

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Gif: Red Bull

Every sport, and I mean every single one, would be improved with the addition of a Kamaz truck. Wakeboarding is typically done behind a boat, though on occasion a jet ski or cable tow are used in certain circumstances. This time, however, pro boarder Nikita Martyanov goes full DJ Blyatman and has a Russian party in Kamaz.

Take one levee, add a bunch of ramps to jump, and a tow in from one of the Red Bull-sponsored Kamaz Master Team rally raid racers, and you’re looking at a hilariously fun time. Sure there might be a tinge of danger here, as Martyanov is jumping over dirt and rocks on a board designed for water, and the Kamaz is much faster than your average wakeboard boat, but everything fun has a little bit of danger about it, right?

I spent most of my high school aged summers ‘shredding the gnar’ behind a wakeboard boat. These guys are talking about speeds up to 50 miles per hour, and most of the time I’d only feel comfortable at 22 mph exactly. Hauling up out of a dig in a boat is easy, because there’s no instant snap, as there is with the grip of tires on level ground, so the Kamaz driver really had to ease into the throttle here to avoid pulling Nikita’s arms out of their sockets.

I frequently give Red Bull a load of crap for being a fizzy drinks company that happens to have twice as many Formula 1 teams as any car manufacturer on earth, but when the company’s sponsorship synergies can come together to bring the world this glorious combination of wake skitching, I can’t help but smile. In another life, I would have tried something like this, but probably at lower speeds. Smashing the water at 50 miles per hour scares the shit out of me. Maybe that’s just because I’m an adult now.


Kamaz cool. Wakeboarding cool. Wakeboarding behind a Kamaz? It rarely gets cooler.