Every Episode of Top Gear, Ranked

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The world's best show about a couple grown men clowning around like children reinvented itself 12 years ago. Here is a complete ranking of all of its episodes. Brief descriptions of each are included.

167. India Special

166. S14E7 - Insignia VXR and Road Signs, BMW X6 Review

165. S21E1 - '80s Hot Hatches

164. S19E7 - Finding the Source of the Nile, Pt. 2

163. S18E3 - They Make A Chase For The Sweeney

162. S21E7 - Burma Special Part 2

161. S18E4 - They Attempt To Make All-Terrain Mobility Scooters

160. S3E7 - Hammond Drives a McMerc SLR and Wears a Bad Shirt

159. S14E4 - Renaultsport Twingo, Airport Vehicle Race

158. S16E5 - Harvester Snow Plows

157. S13E4 - Porsche Panamera vs The Post

156. S13E5 - Range Rover with a Greenhouse, Cheap RWD Sports Cars

155. S4E2 - Nun in Monster Truck, Alfa 166, Hypnotist, McMerc SLR is a Sandwich


154. S14E5 - Automotive Art Gallery

153. S19E3 - Shelby GT500 vs Trains across Europe

152. S20E4 - They Build A Hovercraft

151. S21E3 - Zenvo Burns, Slowly Driving Through Ukraine: Fiesta, Dacia, Up!

150. S20E6 - They Wave Flags at a bunch of British Cars

149. S12E7 - Tesla Roadster, Honda Hydrogen Car, 50 Years of BTCC, Xmas*

148. S1E7 - Fastest Faith Part 1, Lotus Corrects Clarkson on How to Drive The Elise

147. S2E8 - Race for the Universe, Hammond and May Test Convertibles, Hating 350Z

146. S1E6 - TG Steals Jeremy's SL55 AMG, Renault Vel Satis

145. S1E4 - Skylines Buyer's Guide, Aston vs Ferrari with Damon Hill, Coogan IDs Volvos


144. S16E3 - Albania Road Trip

143. S6E8 - Ferrari F430, Audi TT, 350Z, Chrysler Crossfire Convertibles in Iceland


142. S2E6 - STI vs Evo, Caravan Towing Land Speed Record

141. S21E4 - Alfa Romeo Disco Volante vs Otis Redding, Caterhams, Mercedes 6x6


140. S2E4 - Jaguar XJR to the End of the UK, Aston Martin DB7 GT vs Jag XKR-R

139. S3E9 - Top Gear Awards, Jag XJ6, Honda Civic Type R and NSX Type R Reviews


138. S2E9 - GM Hydrogen Car, Vanderbrink Carver, Vauxhall Signum from the Back

137. S3E3 - Drowning Hammond, Subaru Outback and the Aristocracy, Bentley Conti GT


136. S4E10 - Volvo V50 to a Flea Market, Car Olympics, BMW X3 and C6 Corvette

135. S4E8 - Ford GT around Top Gear Test Track, Rover V8 Retrospective

134. S19E4 - Kia Rugby, Very Ashamed Mastretta MXT Review In Mexico

133. S3E4 - The Lamborghini Episode (Miura, Countach, Gallardo)

132. S5E7 - Clarkson Reviews The Prius, Mitsubishi Evo VIII MR FQ400 vs Lamborghini


131. S21E5 - Porsche 918 at Yas Marina

130. S5E1 - Vauxhall Monaro VXR, Porsche 911, and Chrysler 300C at Pendine Sands


129. S6E5 - Boxster vs SLK 55 AMG vs Snipers, Aston DB5 vs Jag E-Type Restomods

128. S20E1 - Yacht Versus A Rental Car Corolla

127. S3E8 - Merc 280SL, Aston Lagonda, Generation Gap Race, Jeremy Gets Dressed


126. S17E3 - Range Rover Evoque vs the Desert, McLaren 12C vs Ferrari 458

125. S10E6 - Motorhome Racing, Alfa 159 vs a Tall Man

124. S6E3 - Maserati Bora Review, Clarkson Drives A Rolls Royce into a Pool

123. S19E6 - Finding the Source of the Nile, Pt. 1

122. S6E1 - Mercedes CLS55 AMG Review, Car Football, Range Rover Sport vs Tank


121. S10E2 - Audi R8 vs Porsche 911, Second Amphibious Car Challenge

120. S11E6 - Top Gear vs Ze Germans at D Motor, Mitsuokas

119. S16E1 - Ariel Atom V8, Porsche 911 Turbo vs. Falling Beetle

118. S12E8 - Vietnam Special

117. S20E5 - Singer 911

116. S16E2 - Top Gear vs Top Gear Australia The Ashes (Super Van)

115. S17E6 - Aventador, Electric Cars, Military Veterans Rally Team

114. S12E5 - Powerboat vs Ferrari Daytona in the South of France

113. S13E6 - BMW Z4 vs Nissan 370Z vs Dinosaurs, Vintage Rally in Mallorca

112. S2E7 - Hummer H1 Blocks A Village, Crashing A Renault Mégane, Koenigsegg CC8S


111. S13E3 - Ken Block! They Review A Bunch Of Superminis And "Forget" The Fiat 500

110. S3E6 - Citroën C2 and Brit Tuning, Indestructilux Part 2, 1977 Aston V8 Vantage


109. S1E3 - Citroën DS, Grannies Doing Donuts, Mini Review

108. S14E3 - Lancia Retrospective (Very Good), Lamborghini vs Blimp (Very Boring)


107. S16E4 - They All Buy Old BMW Convertibles and Get Grossed Out, Pagani Zonda R

106. S7E6 - Playstation vs Real Life at Laguna Seca in an NSX, Miata vs a Greyhound


105. S8E4 - Mercedes S Class Interior Design, Koenigsegg CCX with Top Gear Wing

104. S4E6 - Renaultsport Clio 182, Nissan Cube, Can You Run A Car On Poo

103. S6E4 - Top Gear Mums Evaluate Honda Jazz, Peugeot 1007, Shopping Chute

102. S20E2 - Ferrari F12, Taxi Racing, BAC Mono, Racing Through The Beeb

101. S21E6 - Burma Special, Pt.1

100. S6E11 - Ford F150 Lightning, Murcielago Roadster and the Running of the Bulls, Vauxhall Monaro, Pro Drifters and DJ Shadow, Top Gear Theme Song With Engines


99. S1E9 - Subaru Forester, Volvo XC90, Gordon Ramsay eats Food Cooked on Exhaust Manifolds, How Much Faster Is a Jag XJS when You Strip It Bare?

98. S4E9 - Sir Ranulph Fiennes Gives Top Gear's Best Interview

97. S19E2 - Racing to the Mexican Border in a Lexus LFA, SRT Viper, Aston Vanquish


96. S21E2 - Afghanistan Military Vehicles, Alfa 4C Races Around Lake Como

95. S2E2 - Rolls Royce Phantom, Rover P5, Cooking In A Porsche-Powered VW Bus


94. S4E5 - Hammond Hit By Lightning, BMW 6er vs Jag XKR vs Porsche 911 at Pendine

93. S6E2 - Cheap Coupes That Aren't Porsches: Mitsubishi Starion, Jag XJS, BMW 6er


92. S10E10 - BMW M3 vs Audi RS4 vs Mercedes C63 AMG at Ascari

91. S14E2 - Hammerhead Eagle-i Thrust

90. S2E1 - A Driving God Tests the Bowler Wildcat, James Debuts Talking About How Old Cars Ruin Your Life, Jeremy Compares a Car (Smart Roadster) to a Shoe


89. S14E1 - Driving the Transfagarasan Highway in an Aston, Ferrari, and Lamborghini

88. S2E5 - James May Rages Stands Up for the Triumph TR6, Renault Clio V6

87. S17E4 - Building Trains out of Cars

86. S17E2 - Citroën DS3 Racing, 500C Abarth, Renaultsport Clio Around Monaco

85. S2E3 - Volkswagen Touareg V10 Diesel, Alpina BMW Z8, Lexus worse than Hyundai


84. S18E5 - Saab Retrospective, WRC Car vs Jet-Powered Flying Squirrel

83. S3E2 - BMW M3 CSL, M Car History, Z4 vs S2000 vs Boxster, Isle of Man

82. S18E2 - Jeremy and James and the Chinese Car Industry

81. S17E1 - The Marauder, WRC Mini vs Skeleton Racer, Eagle Speedster

80. S11E2 - Top Gear Stuntman Does A Barrel-Roll, The CLK63 AMG Black Film

79. S13E7 - VW Ads, The Aston Martin V12 Vantage Film

78. S16E6 - James Drives A Lunar Rover, Porsche 959 vs Ferrari F40

77. S1E8 - Lotus Tunes a Lada, Audi RS6 Review, Michael Gambon Nearly Eats It


76. S15E3 - Panamera vs Quattroporte vs Aston Rapide race across a Business Park

75. S1E5 - Clarkson vs the S-Class' Voice Recognition, Maybach 62, Arnage vs Traction


74. S2E10 - Cadillac Sixteen, VW Phaeton

73. S4E7 - Minicabbing In Mini-MPVs, Spyker, Lionel Richie Drives the Wheels Off


72. S5E4 - Aston vs Ferrari (Coogan and Clarkson,) Caravans Conkers, Zonda Roadster

71. S1E2 - Focus RS, Escort RS 1600, Jumping Motorcycles With A Double-Decker Bus


70. S1E1 - Citroën Van Booze, Zonda vs Murcielago, Can You Outrun A Speed Camera?

69. S7E1 - Sports Cars (M6, 911, V8 Vantage) across the Isle of Man

68. S9E6 - Making Stretch Limos out of Tiny Cars

67. S5E3 - Land Rover Discovery to the Top of a Mountain, Hammond Tours Rinspeed


66. S10E5 - Racing across London, Caparo T1

65. S6E10 - Jeremy Breaks Back on a Hovercraft, Bentley in Dubai, Turbos and Kittens


64. S3E1 - Ford GT through Detroit, Original Stig Takes a Dip

63. S7E7 - Winter Olympics

62. S11E5 - Nissan GT-R vs Jeremy's Decrepit Body, Grosser vs Corniche, Foxhunting


61. S8E6 - Caravan Holiday, Overpowered Front-Drivers

60. S11E1 - Cheap Cop Car Challenge (Lexus LS400 vs Suzuki Vitara vs Fiat Coupé)


59. S13E2 - Best First Car Competition, Bugatti Veyron vs McLaren F1 in Abu Dhabi

58. S8E8 - Van Man Challenge (I'll Just Try A Bit Of Scandinavian Flick)

57. S6E7 - Sabine Schmitz races the 'Ring in a Van

56. S7E5 - Bugatti Veyron Races across Europe against James Flying a Cessna

55. S15E7 - Middle East Special

54. S15E6 - British Roadsters and the Ferrari 458 Italia

53. S15E4 - Motorhomes out of Lotus, Citroën, Land Rover

52. S6E9 - Road Test Russian Roulette, BMW E60 M5, Iceland Formula Offroad Jeeps


51. S5E2 - Enzo not a Book Advertisement, Old vs New Supercars, Stig Races a Teenager

50. S15E2 - Cheap Sports Sedans across Germany

49. S16E0 - USA Road Trip: Ferrari 458 vs 911 GT3 RS vs Merc SLS vs the SLS' Rear Tires


48. S9E4 - Reliant Robin Space Shuttle

47. S10E9 - Britcar 24 Hour Race at Silverstone, Ascari A10

46. S18E6 - Track Specials in the Rain, Brutus

45. S19E5 - Range Rover vs an Autonomous Military Vehicle, Making an Old People Car


44. S11E4 - Nissan GT-R vs Bullet Train across Japan

43. S4E4 - Carrera GT Review, Car Darts, Audi A8 Diesel Economy Challenge

42. S20E3 - Spanish Road Trip

41. S8E2 - Chevy Corvette Z06 vs Fire, Traffic Radio: How Hard Can It Be?, Jet Kayak


40. S9E2 - Top Speed Run in a Bugatti Veyron, Audi TT vs Alfa Brera vs Mazda RX-8

39. S8E7 - Building a Caterham, Peugeot 207 vs Parkour

38. S10E1 - Greatest Road in 911 GT3 RS, Gallardo Superleggera, Aston V8 Vantage N24


37. S13E1 - Race in the 1940s with a Jaguar XK120, Vincent Black Shadow, and a Train

36. S17E5 - The Interceptors, Demolishing Houses with Military Vehicles

35. S1E10 - Tuning the Stripped XJS, Lotus Esprit, Offroading, Radical vs Plane


34. S3E5 - Indestructilux Part 1

33. S5E5 - First Nürburgring Challenge, 300SL, Morgan Aero 8, MPV Racing

32. S11E3 - Cheap Alfas, Bentley Brooklands Tiresplosion

31. S12E4 - Economy Race to Blackpool

30. S15E5 - The Senna Film, Setting Another Record in the Veyron SuperSport

29. S18E7 - Rallycross Special

28. S8E1 - Convertible People Carrier, CCX and Quitting Smoking

27. S19E1 - Bentley Rally, Making a Car Smaller than the P50

26. S6E6 - McMerc vs Boat to Oslo

25. S12E3 - Finland trip, Modifying an Avantime, V8 blender

24. S7E2 - RS4 vs Climbers, British Racing Green, Cayman Review, Ian Wright Interview


23. S12E2 - Second America Road Trip, When They Buy The Challenger

22. First - American Road Trip to New Orleans

21. S4E1 - Aston DB9 vs Train across Europe, Exige vs Apache, City Rover Undercover


20. S14E6 - Bolivia Special

19. S10E8 - History of Three-Pedal Layout, Hammond Drives an F1 car, Lewis Hamilton


18. S12E6 - Fiesta "Sensible Test" and Commie Cars

17. S10E7 - British Leyland Challenge

16. S18E1 - Supercars across Italy

15. S5E9 - Ariel Atom, Pacific Rim Cars

14. S5E6 - Cheap Porsches, MKV GTI

13. S9E5 - Tractor Challenge, Railway Crash Hazard Video

12. S8E5 - Prodrive P2, Citroën C6, Car Football, Jackie Stewart Teaches James to Drive


11. S9E1 - Hammond Back after Crash, Roadworks

10. S12E1 - Lorry Challenge

9. S4E3 - Porsche 911 GT3 RS vs. Ferrari 360 Stradale, Dodge Charger 440RT, £100 Cars


7. S10E3 - Peel P50, Veyron vs Eurofighter

6. S15E1 - Reliant Robin, Hilux to a Volcano

5. S7E4 - Cheap Italian Supercars

4. S10E4 - Botswana Special

3. S7E3 - Supercars across France

2. Polar Special

1. S8E3 - Amphibious Cars

*(Pork Sword)

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Jeff Glucker

Vietnam special at 118?!?!?! How high are you right now Raph?!?!

That's one of the best episodes ever...