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Every Driver's Nightmare: Ferrari Crashes Off Road In LA Canyons

Illustration for article titled Every Drivers Nightmare: Ferrari Crashes Off Road In LA Canyons

Both driver and passenger survived when this Ferrari 360 cut off the road above LA and rolled down the steep embankment.

Mulholland Drive car, bike, and crash spotter RNickeyMouse uploaded the video today.

RNickeyMouse left the following description on the video.

Ferrari 360 Modena strikes a tree then rolls down a steep hillside in Malibu. Driver had cuts to head but was otherwise ok, passenger was uninjured.


Things could have been much worse, but this is what every exotic car driver's nightmare looks like.

Via ghrelly and r/cars

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the driver of that 360 is every drivers worst nightmare. I screamed at that guy not two months ago (in front of lots of people, no less) for flagrantly crossing double yellow lines around blind corners with his kid in the car on the exact corner where he crashed the Ferrari. Anyone who knows that road knows that unless, you are not only thoroughly incompetent, but also driving way beyond your car's abilities, you just wouldn't crash on that corner. No one ever crashes there. This idiot was telling people he was a test driver for Jaguar in the UK, meanwhile he manages to oversteer a 360 on a corner where a crash is basically impossible.

Now, it is possible he got a blowout, or his brakes/engine/gearbox seized, causing that spin, but as someone who has direct contact with that driver in that exact context nearly every weekend, I point my fingers squarely at that shitbag driving, and repeatedly putting his 10 year old son as well as everyone else he shares the road with in danger.