Every Alfa Romeo TZ Has A Story

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Only just over 100 Alfa Romeo Tubolare Zagatos were built, many of them were raced, and every single one of them has a story.


This one might have a more interesting story than most, however, as it earned an SCCA regional championship with driver Nadine Brengle before it was wrecked and rebuilt. It was recently returned to its former factory-appearing glory with a five-year restoration, and now it’s back for more vintage good times.

Any car that was once known as “the duct tape special” is going to be considered a win in my book. Following the crash, Brengle and her husband rebuilt the rear section with a chicken wire structure under glass fiber. And continued racing it! If that’s not badass, I’m not sure I know what is.

Every time I see a TZ I feel a little well of joy spring up deep inside me. It fills me with a childlike wonder that such a thing even exists, let alone can still be wrung out at vintage race events around the world. There are a couple of these that show up to the Monterey Motorsport Reunion every year, and that is one of the things that keeps me coming back.

There is an old cliche that you’ll hear a lot if you spend time in vintage car circles; “I don’t own the car, I’m just it’s temporary caretaker.” It’s particularly common among vintage European sports car owners. There is a tinge of that sentiment in this fresh video from Petrolicious, but the car is so pretty that I can let the automotive martyrdom pass with just one further comment.

Nothing is precious. Hoon it. Break it. Rebuild it. Keep hooning.

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ALFA Romasochist

As an Alfist stories like this are beautiful.... but they are the only syndicated Alfa stories. They almost always include some rich dude having some professional do all the work. This is only a portion of the community.

However a larger percentage of the community are weirdos that searched for a car in a field, brought a trailer, turned their own wrenches, and brag about their resourcefulness in placing Bosch electrical components in their cars they sourced from a BMW in a junkyard solely so they could know what it would feel like to drive a formula 1 car from 1955.

Alfists are really just David Tracy types that like making 55mph feel like 100 with a straight 4 can 1.3 to 2.0L.