Ever Wondered How Much Copper Goes Into Electric Cars?

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An average American car contains about 55 pounds of copper wiring. An electric car has three times as much mostly thanks to their rotors, and here's how those miles of wire disappear in an engine bay.

Cylinder blocks used to be made out of cast iron before the industry switched to aluminum. That created a massive demand, and with more and more manufacturers beginning to make the rest of their cars out of the lightweight metal as well, aluminum production is at an all time high.

Turning bauxite into a Jaguar F-Type is not a walk in the park, and when it comes to copper mining, well, we've lost some mountains to that process as well.


The good news is that there's plenty of copper left in those rocks and we know how to recycle what we have already. That means this soft metal can take us to wherever we want to go once again - as long as we don't go too far from a high-speed charger - while driving our Volkswagen e-up!:

Talking of which, I'm driving an e-Golf next week...