Some 15 cars were consumed by a conflagration in a junkyard north of Los Angeles over the weekend. CBS LA says it took more than 100 firefighters two hours to knock down. The sight was something spectacularly terrifying to behold.

The fire took place at an LKQ “pick-and-pull” where anybody can roll up, walk around and harvest parts for a $4 entry fee, plus the cost of whatever you want to take home.

I actually visited this yard myself not more than two months ago. Didn’t find anything too interesting, if you’re wondering. The yard is mostly stocked with late-model economy cars and Mitsubishi Monteros.

The CBS LA helicopter caught the most comprehensive view but the scene was pretty ominous from the ground as well.

The fire is now out and no injuries have been reported. Firefighters monitored the area throughout the night to check for remaining hotspots and hazardous material teams will try to figure out if any byproducts poisoned the local water supply.


Sun Valley, where the fire took place, is basically an entire city of junkyards stacked with corpses of cars spread as far as you can see.

Local news says firefighters do not “believe anything toxic was burning,” which is must mean their bar for “toxic” is pretty high. I’m going to go ahead and say you don’t want to be sniffing anything coming off a smoldering car, but you knew that already.

Authorities are still investigating what caused the yard to go up in the first place.