Even your garage isn't safe anymore

When you park your car in a garage, you generally assume it's safe from head-on accidents. Here's how one man found out that wasn't the case and found out what happens when your Mazda gets a Nissan hat.

John sends in this story about finding someone putting a Nissan in his Mazda3:

At 2 a.m. I was awoken by the local PD saying my car was in an accident. I woke up from my slumber and I started scratching my head. My car is parked in a garage, how can it possibility be in an accident when its stationary? Then I thought to myself well maybe someone pulled in and accidentally hit the back of it, maybe a minor scratch.

A Nissan was on top of my hood and windscreen! Still drowsy at the moment, my first reaction was, oh no, I hope my corksport SRI/TIP is ok, it took me forever to install it... And then reality kicked in and OMG a sedan is parked on top of my baby!


Turns out the wreck was caused by a driver who confused the brake and accelerator after just a month of driving experience. The damage falls short of totaling the Mazda3. Thanks John!

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