Even Top Gear Never Did A Porsh 918 VS. Ferrari Enzo Test This Well

Screencap via Car Bros
Screencap via Car Bros

Few things are held as sacred to car nuts as a good episode of Top Gear. Supercars are perhaps a close second, as their public tests and stats are analyzed and picked apart ad nauseum by petrolheads everywhere. And thus, watching Car Bros run a Fiero-powered tank over these sacred cows is the best thing ever.

All of the usual tropes are there, from the Shittyfluted-style rendition of “Jessica” to the artistic cut-away shots of flowers to a truly hack-grade discussion of “soul.” It’s magnificent.


Car Bros somehow got their hands on a real Porsche 918 Spyder—one of the rarest and most exclusive supercars ever made. However, their insistence on reviewing it like an eco-friendly plug-in hybrid and calling its sonorous 4.6-liter V8 a “range extender” is the best kind of cringe.

Somewhere, you know an uptight Porschephile is typing an enraged run-on diatribe into their AOL mail calling the Car Bros a bunch of “morans” after only watching the first part, and the world is better for it.


The reviewer even finds a way to grate on the nerves of those of us who take pride in poking vehicular purists with a stick. It’s mispronounced “parsh,” okay?! P-a-r-s-hhhhhh, with extra whistle-y emphasis on the “h.” Geez, man. Get it right.

Lest we think Porsche geeks are the only ones the Car Bros want to annoy, just watch what they pull out as an example of a Ferrari Enzo. It’s this poorly-proportioned replica, and that’s what makes it so, so much better.

It is a masterpiece of trolling.

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