Even The Tesla Charging Plug Has An Easter Egg Now

At least a few curious Tesla drivers seem to have discovered yet another easter egg built into the cars: it looks like you can turn the charging light rainbow colors. It goes great with the Rainbow Road easter egg!


YouTuber Kevin Schreiber says the “rainbow charger” “feature” is activated by pressing the button on the charge handle ten times in rapid succession while the car is locked and charging. Apparently it works on both the Model S sedan and Model X maxi-van.

Once this clip got uploaded to Reddit’s Tesla Motors forum a few other owners tried it out and confirmed; the charger’s not broken, it can just turn rainbow colors if you mash the button enough times.

I love that Tesla takes the time to put this kind of goofiness into its products. What was probably just a few minutes of an engineer’s time will put a lot of smiles on owner’s faces. Elon Musk calls it “cowbell.” What will the curious button-pushers find next?

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VWs have a similar “feature”