Even The British Prime Minister's Driver Screws Up Parallel Parking Sometimes

As Prime Minister David Cameron’s driver was adjusting his parking job while waiting to take him to the Spending Review conference currently ongoing in London, it nudged a poor, lowly Land Rover that was stationary behind it. If the PM’s so-called highly-trained Jaguar XJ driver is just another awful city driver, is anyone really safe from the perils of city car life?


According to news reports, the Prime Minister’s Jaguar XJ was idling outside the executive office at 10 Downing Street in London as it bumped what appears to be a Land Rover Discovery 4 behind it. In what seems to be an effort to give the Jaguar some obviously well-needed extra space, the Land Rover quickly scooted further back.

From the video the Daily Mail has sourced, it appears the Jaguar only suffered from minor bumper scratches.

A yell of ‘f****** hell’ can be heard and a close-up of the damage is shown, which clearly included a large scratch.

The repair will be covered by the Metropolitan Police, who pay for its upkeep out of taxpayer funds.


Life in the big city, man.

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I parallel park so rarely that I’m usually pretty rusty when attempting it.

First try usually cut to hard but nail it on the second attempt.

Is that common? Or are most Jalop’s pro parkers?