All photos credit Kelly-Moss Road and Race

SEMA cars don’t usually do it for me as they tend to be more show than go, but Kelly-Moss Road and Race built a ridiculous 911 that’s meant to go everywhere. Words cannot express how much I want to hoon a 911 through the dirt, and the car that won SEMA’s “Best Off-Road Vehicle” is extremely relevant to my interests.

I know of Kelly-Moss from their extensive GT3 Cup racing program, but this year, they built their first ever SEMA show car: the Porsche 964-based VICCI Safari 4. This isn’t the first time they’ve shown off a rad off-road build, but this is their latest and greatest version with enough clean carbon-fiber accents to make their Cup cars blush.

VICCI Safari 4 is all-wheel-drive, powered by a far-too-clean 3.8-liter supercharged Porsche flat-six. (Psst, I will gladly help anyone with a rowdy off-road 911 get it dirty.) Kelly-Moss says it’s designed to always be on-boost, good for 435 horsepower and 400 ft-lb of torque.

Big lights up front and behind mounted in miles of exposed carbon fiber help it see both in front and behind itself. Meaty skidplates and bars up front and behind beg you to go in rougher terrain. Fat tires demand to fling dirt.

And of course, there’s a big handbrake to break the rear wheels loose on-cue.

The interior has pretty plaid and cozy-looking bucket seats. I’d love to sit in them and do some sweet dirt donuts. And dirt drifts. And sweet jumps. Swoon.

It’s my favorite car of all time, except built for all manner of crazy hoonage. I need one. I just plain need one.

A representative for Kelly-Moss sent along a few photos of the car getting built back in the shop before the show along with some mind-blowing shots of the finished car. Enjoy.