Americans invented the Camaro. Americans invented the lightbulb. Wouldn't it then make sense for Americans to get the Camaro with the best bulbs? Alas, shots of the new European Camaro show they're getting better, more fancy LED lights. Let's set fire to our mullets in protest!

There are a few subtle differences between the European and American models of the Camaro. It makes the European model, in our minds anyway, slightly superior — to the American version, as CarScoop noted yesterday.


Most obvious is the addition of connected, LED taillights that look like Saved By The Bell-era sunglasses. This seems like an obvious improvement and allows the reverse lights to be integrated into the light cluster as opposed to tacked on to the bumper.

And if that wasn't enough, on the interior, the gauge cluster also gets upgraded with a much more attractive font on the speedo and tach. Before you get excited, GM says these changes are exclusive to the European Camaro.

It's the kind of upgrade that only makes sense when you realize the starting price for a Camaro in Europe is approximately $55,000 before taxes.


We'd happily take all those upgrades, but Europe can keep the ginormous mirrors and inflated price.

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