Thanks to Kamran for the tip that the 2007 Honda Civic five-door hatch β€” the Euro model β€” spotted in Detroit is a prototype turbodiesel Civic β€” the 2.2-liter iCDTi. Most credible sources say we'll have to wait a couple of years to see the first Honda diesels in the states, but some journos got an advance drive earlier this year. Click through for specs. [UPDATE: New photos. Looks like it was bought from a dealer in Switzerland.] [via Clean MPG]

2007 Honda Civic 5-door hatch - 2.2L iCDTi - S basic specifications:



Valve Train|DOHC

Transmission|6-speed manual

Max Power|138.1 HP@4,000 RPM

Max Torque|251 ft.-lb's@2,000 RPM



Smog|Euro IV

GHG - CO2 (g/km)|135


Fuel Economy - Euro cycle|

Urban (mpg US) | 35.6 mpg

Extra Urban (mpg US) | 54.7 mpg


Basic Performance|

0 - 60 mph | 8.5 seconds

Top Speed | 127 mph


Weights and Capacities

Curb Weight | 2,960 pounds

Fuel Tank (US gallons) | 13.2 gallons


Wheels and Tires|

205/55 R16 Z-Rated | 16" Steel Wheels