WEST CHESTER, Ohio, Nov. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — ESCORT Inc. (ESCORTinc.com), designer and manufacturer of the world's only High Definition PASSPORT® Max™ radar & laser detector, is announcing its SEMA Show debut of the all-new record setting PASSPORT Max™ HD radar & laser detector.

Using advanced military technology, PASSPORT Max™ delivers high definition performance with ultra-fast signal processing and unprecedented noise filtering.


Our new PASSPORT Max™ is the most important technology that we have ever produced," said John Larson, CEO.

ESCORT engineers designed PASSPORT Max™ around advanced high speed digital signal processing (DSP). For drivers this means an entirely new level of response time and increased awareness.

With DSP, PASSPORT Max™ searches for threats fifty times faster than any other radar detector – this dramatic increase in speed delivers a corresponding leap in detection capability and range.

In a new product test overseen by independent authority Speed Measurement Labs (SML), PASSPORT Max™ set three new benchmarks for longest range, fastest response time and greatest sensitivity.


"In 30 years of impartial testing, we haven't seen this level of reporting range or immediacy of alerts by any other radar detector." – Speed Measurement Laboratories

And PASSPORT Max™ filters true radar gun alerts from unwanted false alerts, such as automatic door openers and motion sensors that competitor radar detectors cry 'wolf' to repeatedly. PASSPORT Max™ reports with an accuracy that exceeds any other technology ever driven.


"…this is the best radar detector ever made," said leading industry analyst, Radar Roy.


A high definition OLED (organic LED) display allows drivers to choose up to four different colors for displaying critical driving information such as posted speed limits, over speed alerts, driving speed and more.

Using ESCORT's patented GPS Location Awareness technology, PASSPORT Max™ alerts to red light and speed cameras, speed traps and future threats as they unfold. Internet ready, Max™ includes a mini-USB port for software expansion, data base updates and more.


PASSPORT Max™ works with ESCORT's multi-award winning ESCORT Live™ ticket protection app. Rated Best New Product at SEMA 2012, ESCORT Live™ helps customers drive safer through threat and information sharing among networked drivers in real time.

The new PASSPORT Max™ and other new product announcements will be the key topics at the exclusive ESCORT SEMA Show press conference (Thursday, Nov 7, 11:30 AM, SEMA Media Center, Room N110). Press conference attendees will be eligible for exciting prizes including a new MS Surface RT Tablet, GoPro Camera and more.


PASSPORT Max (retail $549.95) and ESCORT Live™ are available now at ESCORTinc.com or direct at 800.433.3487, and will be on display in the ESCORT booth (North Hall, 11739) at the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Source: Escort

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