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What we have here is the intersection of one of the greatest rock and roll guitarists ever and one of the all-time greatest exotic cars. Eric Clapton was once the proud owner of this 1991 Ferrari F40, and it can be yours for a quite reasonable $1.1 million.


Aside from being a legendary rock guitarist, Eric Clapton is also a well-known Ferarri connoisseur. He once owned a 250 SWB and commissioned a custom 458 Italia to look like a 512 Berlinetta, the result is a $4.7 million Ferrari SP-12.

Of course, Clapton had the iconic F40 in his garage as well. Now that car is for sale by London luxury motorcar specialists GVE London for £925,000, which equates to about $1.1 million.

Now that certainly sounds like a lot of money for an F40, but classic car specialists Hagerty has seen “concours” condition F40s sell for $1.5 million or more. Given the celebrity connection, the asking price seems like a relative bargain.


In case you are worried about the condition of such a vehicle, GVE claims the F40 has lived a “pampered life” and the car comes with all of the requisite paperwork and fully documented maintenance schedule.


You can check out more details in the video below. I don’t know what sounds better, Clapton’s riffs or the 2.9-liter V8 screaming at full throttle.

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