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[rant] OK, seriously enviro-nuts, you've gone and crossed a line. It's hard enough trying to find metered parking spots in places like LA and New York City without you eco-nerds taking them over and putting up your potted plants and trees and lawn chairs. And according to the Journal from Wall Street many of you green-freaks are going to be playing ping-pong in some of the spots. What? Ping-Pong?! We thought the purpose of "Parking Day" was supposed to be

"an effort to raise local awareness about the lack of open out-of-doors public space in urban areas, and draw attention to the gas wasted and pollution created by drivers circling the block for low-cost curbside parking spaces."


If you want to play ping-pong, find a rec room at a YMCA or something. There's a lot of those out in San Francisco and Miami and Waukegan, Illinois (seriously — which of these does not belong?) and all the other cities you'll be "protesting" in. But seriously, if one of us sees you eco-dorks out there taking up a much-needed meter, we'll be parking in that there spot — so move that ping-pong table or else it'll be mulch when we're through with it. [/end rant] Phew, we're glad we got that off our chests — we hate not being able to find parking! [WSJ]

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