Entry Level for the UK: The Lotus Elise S

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Goodbye Rover K series, hello Toyota 2ZZ-GE. Engine geeks will understand that phrase refers to Lotus's European-spec, entry-level Elise being left engineless as the Rover company circled the drain last year — and what the company's doing to get the entry Elise back into production. What it's doing is launching the Elise S, which will get the same Yamaha-designed, Toyota-built powerplant as the federalized US Elise. (Its next-level 111r model will get a new name, Elise R). According to the company, it's a "cracking new entry-level car" whose heads won't crack (we added that last part.) Around $45,000 is the fee for entry.

Lotus Builds Special Edition Elise Sports Race<\/a>; Caterham to Use Ford Sigma Engines in New Seven<\/a> [internal]<\/p>

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