Entrepreneur Moron Selling 2011 Frozen Gray BMW M3 To Other Morons Discerning Enthusiasts

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A poster at Bimmerforums claims to have one of the rare Frozen Gray M3s that sold out in 15 minutes, and he's selling the $77,600 car for $83,000. Update!


The Frozen Gray M3 is a U.S.-only run of 30 cars with a special interior/exterior as well as the addition of other M3 packages for $77,600 — or $9,000 over a similarly equipped M3. The original poster, MannyGomez, says he's not selling the car but selling his space in line for a small "brokerage fee," as he explains in the comments below:

nice.. i got a post made about me on this site that i am such a fan of. please, spare me your hate. i have a slot, and im selling the car with a brokerage fee for having that slot for you.

ps. i also posted it on ebay. i changed my mind on selling it for the full price, rather just sell the slot. i my homework and was one of the lucky 30.. i can do whatever i want with the slot. find it on ebay by searching "frozen M3"

If you gotta have this BMW you now know what to do.

Update: An employee at a BMW dealer tells us that the agreement made when Gomez purchased the car essentially precludes him from selling his place in line, meaning if someone does buy his spot it won't matter because the buyer wouldn't match the information and thus the car would go to the next person in line. Here's some of the text from the internal document related to the sale of this BMW:

BMW NA will take 30 reservations and develop a waiting list, requiring the customer to provide
name, address, phone number, e-mail address and a preferred BMW center if available. If no specific center is requested, the center tied to the customer's Zip Code will be used.

Once the customer information is collected, the relevant center will be notified of the customer's reservation and directed to contact the customer immediately to organize the sale of a car. The customer and center will have 10 days from the customer reservation date to complete an agreed contract for sale of a car. After 10 days, the customer reservation will expire and assigned to the next available alternate customer.

Within 10 days: The relevant BMW center must provide to BMW NA at Fax number 201-930-8484 the following: Copy of the signed buyers order or lease agreement, copy of a deposit receipt or check from the customer, and a copy of the customer's driver's license. Once the center/customer agreements have been received and certified for authenticity by BMW NA program headquarters, BMW will arrange shipment of one Frozen Gray M3 coupe to
the relevant center for delivery to the customer.

Gomez, for his part, says it'll work as long as he's present when the buyer takes the car. Capitalism!