Enjoy This Huge Stash Of Rad 1980s and '90s Rally Videos

Should I put my name on my hood like this?
Should I put my name on my hood like this?
Screenshot: VHS Rallies ( (YouTube)

Weren’t you just saying you wish you knew where to find hours and hours of sweet old video clips featuring really rad cars from the 1980s and ’90s? Well... you’re welcome. The YouTube channel “VHS Rallies” has you covered.


If you want to just sit and relax and be amazed, you can just Play All through a collection that stands at 101 clips as of this writing. Here, go nuts:

For those of you looking for something more specific, all the channel’s videos are conscientiously labeled. As in: “Year, Car, Descriptor,” as opposed to the way most YouTube clips are presented: “My What Did WHAT?!?, person-making-emoji-face-thumbnail, content starts five minutes in.”

As for specific recommendations... I thought you’d never ask!

This Mitsubishi “Rough Guide To Rallying” production is pretty great, and not just because it has Montero cameo:

There’s some wicked good Castrol Celica footage in this nice long 1000 Lakes rally clip:

But I think the coolest clip in all of VHS Rallies glorious collection would have to be this half-hour presentation of the 2001 BP Visco 5000 Nairobi Rally:

The Land Cruiser in the thumbnail is a freaking beast to watch, but the cars in there are just as beastly. Subarus, Mitsubishis, and other sedans are straight safaried out and it’s wonderful. Keep your eyes peeled for a righteous two-door Range Rover in the mix there, too.

The VHS Rallies channel is a delightfully deep rabbit hole I sincerely hope you enjoy, and I can’t promise I won’t blog about it again if and when I find another amazing clip that specifically requires your attention. Something tells me plenty of you are still actively looking for ways to kill time these days anyway, right?

Hat tip to Kevin!



3 computers later I’ve clearly lost the file but there was a fairly awesome set of rally videos from the early 2000s.  The scene that always summed up how awesome rallying was included a subi barreling towards an uphill hairpin.  As it completes the 180, you can clearly see that the drivers rear wheel has been completely destroyed and only the very center is still attached to the hub.  It just takes off on 3 wheels like nothing is actually wrong.