Engineers Are Investigating Why This Ford GT Burned To The Ground In Germany

While four Ford GTs were racing around the Circuit de la Sarthe in Le Mans, France over the weekend, a regular old street legal version burned to the ground outside Munich, Germany. It seems that nobody was hurt, but you can stick a fork in this Ford because it’s definitely done.


German news outlet Rosenheim 24 reported that on Saturday, June 16 in the early afternoon, fire crews responded to a call at the Ostermünchener Bahnhof (Bahnhof means train station) and were able to extinguish the flames coming from the $500,000 car and contain what Google translated as “an oil spill.”

I’m sure the car was leaking all its functional fluids, considering the fact that the entire engine bay appears to have been consumed by flames.

Fortunately the Germans are also reporting that the car’s occupants, apparently 52-year-old man and his son, were able to get out unhurt before the conflagration consumed the car.

Police from the region of Bad Aibling issued a release stating that “According to license plate, the vehicle comes from the state capital or the district of Munich. The fire seems to have broken out at the rear of the vehicle.” (Translated from German.)

Carscoops said that “The owner of this GT is well known in the German car scene and owns a plethora of supercars and hypercars,” which would make sense but I haven’t seen confirmed elsewhere. The car allegedly only had about 40 miles on its odometer.

As to what caused the fire, we reached out to Ford and while the company is aware of the incident, its engineers are still in the process of determining exactly what happened.


Locals news speculates that “a technical failure” took place (which–no shit). I suppose it definitely does look like the fire started in the engine bay, as opposed to an errant cigarette in the cabin or something, but I’m very curious to find out exactly what happened and hopefully we’ll get that information from Ford and/or local crash investigators soon.

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