The Aston Martin DB7 is one of the prettiest cars on the planet. But the power under the hood doesn't necessarily match the beauty on the outside. Well one Canadian has decided to merge his Aston Martin's beauty with the power of the Toyota Supra's 2JZ-GTE. This is brilliant.

This swap happened at Force-fed Performance in British Columbia way back in 2012, but it just came to our attention now. I guess that's how slowly news travels out of Canada?

As far as swaps go, this is a great one. The DB7 isn't necessarily worth a ton of money, and the engines that were originally in there, either the straight six or the V12, aren't the most sought after power plants in the world.

This is no loss. It's actually a gain.


In the DB7, the 2JZ-GTE can make up to 650 horsepower through its huge Borg Warner turbo. That's linked to the wheels through a Getrag six speed. Seems like the opportunity to somehow make a DB7 into an ostentatious, beautiful, sleeper.

We salute you, Mr. Canadian Aston Martin DB7 engine swap hero. You are our true super hero.


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