Engine Of The Day: Toyota JZ

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After we had Engine Of The Day Overload last weekend, I got the usual flurry of emails pointing out the really important stuff I'd overlooked. One engine kept coming up, though: the mighty Toyota JZ!

We love inline-six engines, and Toyota has made some of the best. Oh, sure, BMW made some pretty powerful ones, and Chrysler made one that couldn't be killed, but it's hard to argue with 320 twin-turbocharged factory horsepower out of 3 liters. We North Americans mostly know of this engine via the Supra, but Toyota dropped it in Chasers, Crowns, Soarers, and quite a few other rear-wheel-drive machines. Sadly, the JZ has been retired, leaving the late-70s-vintage G as Toyota's lone I6.


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Frank Grimes

I want a Lexus SC with a 2JZ swap...sigh... #i6engine