Engine Of The Day: Mitsubishi Sirius

Mitsubishi hasn't been well represented in this series, so let's follow up its Astron engine with another Mitsubishi four-cylinder: the Sirius.


Available in displacements ranging from a gas-sipping 1.6 liters to a torquey 2.4 liters, the most famous of all the 4G6 Sirius engines was the 1,997cc turbocharged 4G63T of rally-dominating Lancer Evolution and Galant VR-4 fame. Variations of the Sirius have been installed in dozens of different Mitsubishi, Chrysler, Hyundai, and Chery vehicles, from the Chariot to the Sonata, and the 4G69 Sirius lives on today in the Eclipse, Outlander, and Galant. That's nearly 30 years, which gives the Sirius an automatic acceptance into the Jalopnik Workhorse Engine Hall-O-Fame™. Thanks to EvoCS for recommending the 4G6!
[Wikipedia; image source: Tampa Racing]

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