Engine Of The Day: Lotus 900 Series

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Well over a year has passed since a British engine received Engine Of The Day honors, so let's visit the legendary "Torqueless Wonder" Lotus.


A quick perusal of online descriptions of the 900's history makes it clear that the best way to drive a Lotus fanatic nuts is to ask "Hey, wasn't that there engine based on the Vauxhall Slant Four?" Long story short, Lotus used the Vauxhall engine block for cylinder-head development, as the Vaux's bore centers were identical to the planned Lotus engine's. Engines in the 900 series were manufactured for nearly 30 years and powered the Elite, Eclat, and Esprit, plus the Jensen-Healey. Available in 2.0 and 2.2 liter displacements, the most powerful production 900s produced 280 horsepower in turbocharged form.
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you can't be serious.

This POS had more to do with me giving up my career as a mechanic than working on Citroens.

It was called "the torqueless wonder" because it had no torque and it was a wonder how anyone with half a brain could let it loose on an unsuspecting public.

"clamshell" cam covers that were warped and leaked before the engine started the first time, manifold studs that would break if you breathed on them; I could go on.