Engine of the Day: Ford Windsor V8

Since we’ve already seen the Chrysler LA and Chevrolet small-block engines in this series, we’re about due for the V8 Ford made by the millions during about the same span of decades: the Windsor small-block. Starting with the 221- and 260-cubic-inch versions in 1962, Ford put Windsors in cars and trucks for the next 40 years (and you can still buy brand-new crate 302s and 351Ws from Ford today). Ford didn’t make the Windsors quite as friendly for component mix-and-match fun as did their Detroit competitors (and perhaps the 351W is different enough to deserve its own EOTD entry), but the numbers don’t lie: the Windsor was a true workhorse. Make the jump to hear a Windsor-equipped Cobra in action. Engine photo credit: Stephen Foskett. [Wikipedia]

Commenter Andy_Wallwhore suggested yesterday that some auditory engine pr0n might be a good idea for these posts, so we’re trying out the idea.


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